My Summer Box

I will put in the box

The screeching noise of the brakes, loud crunching from eating food, extreme noises from trucks and cars passing by.

I will put in the box

The cold feeling of the waves hitting my skin, The sound of happiness and laughter from the children playing in the summer sun, The feeling  of the sand squish between my toes.

I will put into the box

The screaming of happiness when listening to music, The strong smell of nail polish when our nails aren’t right , The  whispers from late night talks when we can’t be bothered going to sleep.

I will put into the box

Ripping open Christmas presents at the crack of dawn, The sound of the sausages sizzling on the BBQ, The sound of cheers with  all the friends and family.

By Mia

Tramping the Route burn

I was nervous. I couldn’t I just couldn’t walk that giant steep mountain. I thought to myself “i’m going to give it a go”. I dragged myself up the first hill. I told myself ‘ I just can’t do this”. Swearing at myself several times , I decided that I can do it. I came to the swing bridge. I slowly walk myself across as people were jumping on it making it swing more inside, I was screaming with fear. I came to the very last corner pairing round I screamed with delight, yes its down hill. Tripping over basically every rock I steeped on I looked I saw a bridge coming closer and closer as I walked more and more. I ran to the bridge looking at the waterfall running underneath the bridge. Ending the bridge seeing a sign saying beware falling rocks ahead made a little scared. I came to the top hoary I said I was so proud of myself  I  made it.

By Mia

About Oamaru intermediate school

Dear year 6’s

I believe its coming to the end of the year and you will be all moving to Oamaru  intermediate school I know this is a very scary stage. To all those students around that are worried and nervous, it’s not a big deal. OIS is a great school.

Oamaru Intermediate school has a huge range of fantastic activities that you may have not heard of before, but trust me they’re all fun. We go on camps, do modules, triathlon, choir, kapa haka, athletics and tech. Tech is when you go to five different tech classes and have a chance to make incredible things. The tech classes and teachers we have are food and fabric Miss McNabb, art with Mrs Genet, hard materials Whaea Jamaya, Electronics Mr Savage.

At Oamaru intermediate school we have many leadership roles. we have: house captains, class counculers, PE shed moniter, office duty, lunch time librarians, and class librarians. these roles are important because you  are looking after the school and making it a better place for the students. we also have four houses – Rata, Kowhai, Ngaio, Konini. we get into our houses for house choir and swimming sports.

In conclusions I know that Oamaru Intermediate is an awesome school and I defintley know after your first week you will enjoy it. Don’t be nervous be excited.

by Mia


This poem is not a boring holiday poem!


This poem is not about continuous bad weather, getting sick, 

catching up on chores that are undone.

Its not about getting annoyed at siblings. 

Nor having anything to do.


This is a warm poem an inside poem.

This is a sitting by the fire poem.

This is a snuggled up on the couch watching movies all day.

This a nice warm hot chocolate everyday.


This poem wears long pants,

t-shirt when taking the dog for a walk.

This poem has warm shoes and thick heavy raincoats that look like dresses.


This poem likes long walks through the busy town.

This poem wants happiness when you watch

your friend leaves town.







why we shouldn’t have Cools in schools

Dear Hekia Parata

I strongly believe that having children learning on devices is a bad idea.

Firstly I think that working on devices all day children would be less fit and less active. Also you are not allowed to be home alone till you are 14. Parents will have to take more time of work to look after us.

Secondly I believe that some children will get bored very quickly so they might waste time by getting something to eat, going to  the toilet all the time, or go into town. Also some family’s might not have WiFi or any internet connection to go on devices.

Lastly I believe that some questions will be to hard to answer for some children so they might go online and find the answers and cheat. That means they wont learn because they are cheating all the time.

In conclusion I hope everyone is on the same side as me and thinks that cools in schools is bad..

yours sincerely

Mia Wilson 


School Olympic Day!!

2 weeks ago on Friday we had a Olympic day while half of O.I.S was at James hargest exchange. we played a lot of games there was Rippa, touch, team work games ,old fashion races , sock wrestling and landmines. I was a lot of fun teachers chose 3 people in each group to get a medal I got a gold medal in my group. For the groups we got flag names there was Sweden , japan , hungry , Greece , India , Jamaica I was in Sweden. we got a mufti and got to dress up in our flag colors and face paint It was fun.  Heres a picture of rooIMG_4265m 5 people that won a medal.

Snow Day!!

4 years ago was the last time I was in snow today was a cold rainy day It felt like it was going to snow and guess what I finally snowed yay.It has been raining,hailing,drizzling and snowing. The snow was coming down slowly then it got harder and harder and started to settle the looked white as a ghost.

by Mia


Yes I am a big fan of winter because I like to snuggle up in my favourite fluffy blanket beside the fire I like to have lots of hot soups and hot chocolates to keep me toasty warm.My family doesn’t do anything special in the winter.No but I have to get up early on Saturdays to go watch my brother play soccer.

From Mia

Olympics 2016

3. Dear Olympic committee

I believe that New Zealand should hold the olympics because they have never held it before and I live in New Zealand and I would like to go to the olympics.I have always wanted to go to see it in person in my own country . So I don’t have to travel on a plane because I hate going on a plane because I am scared of heights. I also believe that lots of people have never been to New Zealand so I think it would be a great opportunity to go to New Zealand and visit all the amazing sites.

From Mia

Term 2 Reflection

So far I think this term has gone good I can’t wait for J.H.C so we can WIN Its when we go down to another school and compete in sports with a different school last year we did not win but this year we are going to win.This term I am also happy that I could my novel study finished I have been reading it for ages I have been reading a good book called iqbal.

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